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Model-mation Workshop

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Playing with toys is one of the most creative ways children develop their abilities to tell stories. Why not stick these toys in front of camera and turn the story into an awesome model-mation short film!

In this workshop, the participants can bring in their own toys and models and learn how to animate them through camera movement. Groups will get to grips with how to edit a story down to its essential parts in order to produce something that is pure story.

Model-mation Workshop

Who can take part?

This workshop is for +6 children, school groups, college groups, youth groups, groups with disabilities and SEN, young adult groups, community groups, parties, team-building days.

Model-mation Workshop

What materials we bring?

We provide all the production equipment such as lights, cameras and sound recording devices. Laptops with stop-animation software included, plus various arts and craft materials needed to make an awesome claymation film.

Model-mation Workshop

Takeaways & Skills Learned?

An in-depth understanding of photographic storytelling, framing, and video editing. How to work together as film studio and a model-mation movie.

Films Made in Our Model-mation Workshop

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We are based in both London and Suffolk but deliver workshops throughout the UK. Contact us today to book a workshop or find out more about how we can work with your group. 

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