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With time-lapse animation, all you need are pens and paper to make your stories come to life. Participants will come up with a story and then draw out each section whilst the camera films them from overhead.

We then add sound so the story can be narrated whilst the pictures move a appear on the screen. This is a fun activity that can be achieved in a short space of time.

Time-Lapse Workshop

Who can take part?

This workshop is for +6 children, school groups, college groups, youth groups, groups with disabilities and SEN, young adult groups, community groups, parties, team-building days.

Time-Lapse Workshop

What materials we bring?

We provide all the production equipment such as lights, cameras and sound recording devices. Laptops with time-lapse software included, plus various arts and craft materials including paper, card, colouring pens, pencils and more.

Time-Lapse Workshop

Takeaways & Skills Learned?

An understanding of basic time-lapse animation, creative storytelling techniques, a time-lapse software tutorial and video editing. How to work together as a team to create a fantastic time-lapse story.

Films Made in Our Time-Lapse Workshop

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We are based in both London and Suffolk but deliver workshops throughout the UK. Contact us today to book a workshop or find out more about how we can work with your group. 

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