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Music Video Workshop

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Ever wanted to be the pop-star in your own video? Ever wanted to make your own music video with your friends, classmates or colleagues? In this workshop, groups will pick a song, create a concept or narrative, and take to the screen. Or, if they wish to, work behind the camera to construct, produce and capture a music video everyone involved can be super proud of.

Closely aided by our filmmakers, this workshop is ideal for 11+ students as they are instructed on how to plan, produce, direct and edit their own music video. This workshop is a fast-paced, and highly energetic experience that teaches participants how to work together, overcome production issues as they arise and problem solve, and think on their feet as they go through the practises all filmmakers must overcome to make finished and well-crafted film.   

Music Video Workshop

Who can take part?

This workshop is for +7 children, school groups, college groups, youth groups, groups with disabilities and SEN, young adult groups, community groups, parties, team-building days.  

Music Video Workshop

What materials we bring?

We provide all the production equipment such as lights, cameras and sound recording devices. Laptops with editing software and a full music library containing songs from all genres of music.

Music Video Workshop

Takeaways & Skills Learned?

An in-depth understanding of music video production, from storyboarding, blocking scenes, directing, acting on screen, and editing.

Films Made in Our Music Video Workshop

Some of our films are password protected. If you’d like to see our full portfolio of work please contact us and we will be happy to send you secure links. 

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